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Celebrating 50 Years! 

This life changing parable makes a

great gift for adults and kids alike. 

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A Message From Author & Illustrator, Trina Paulus

Hi everybody! It's hard to believe we're in the 50th anniversary year of Hope for the Flowers. Never did I imagine Hope would become a book that transcended boundaries of all sorts and be a favorite of so many. I invite you to rejoice with me by sharing your own story. Let's see what we can do together to fill the world with hope and love-and a lot of wisdom too!

We surely need inner revolutions as people think of all kinds of ways to recover from the dark times we've been through. Personally, I am engaged mainly in peace and environmental actions, my focus is on raising food organically. Life for every living creature is pretty impossible without a livable earth and world peace. 

If you order Hope direct from author, me, I will autograph it and get it out to you. Two books fit perfectly in the Priority Shipping envelope so a second book, perfect for gifting, has no extra shipping cost. We're keeping the e-book still at $2.99 so people all over the world can get it quickly. It's available on all the major eBook sites.

May you stay well or be transformed with healing! We are each wounded healers and at 90 I'm feeling this reality. But together we can embrace both our power and our handicaps and change the world.
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Forward in hope always, 


Hope For The Flowers Reviews

"Hope For The Flowers is one of my favorite children's book. Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful, graceful butterflies that everyone loves."

Drew Barrymore

 In Trina Paulus' book, Hope for the Flowers, two caterpillars get caught up in the fallacy of competition and struggle to reach the top of a caterpillars pile. By journey's end, however, they learn that their true nature, and that of every other caterpillar is not one of winning and being at the top, but of going within and emerging as beautiful butterflies who were born to soar. Like the caterpillars in that tale, very early on in our lives, we may have received messages that we must compete."

Deepak Chopra

"I read it with deep appreciation for its message and for Trina Paulus' skill in communicating in words and pictures."

Coretta Scott King

"OMG! When I was a kid the book "Hope for the Flowers" changed my life. About a decade ago I reached out to the author Trina Paulus and thanked her. She just FaceTimed me *out of the blue* to tell me about "7 Days of Hope". Amazing!!" (https://hopefortheflowers.com/7-days-of-hope)

Scott Barry Kaufman

 "Oh, I cannot explain the beauty I felt when I get all this, to make the most complex become the simplest – this is the summit of our ancient Oriental wisdom."

Ear Lu

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I was given this book as a young child, I loved it. I had to get it for my first baby. The story is incredible and the lesson invaluable. A must have book for any child's library.

Demi Black

 "This tale is transformative! The caterpillar and the butterfly are powerful metaphors for dying for the good to become one's best. This is a story you will read over and over as you seek to become and achieve your highest and best self."

Karen Briscoe

I think this book is more for adults than it is for kids. But, it is enjoyable for all ages. This book is about life - your life, my life. It is about living through life with hope. It is one of my cherished possessions and I bought this one as a gift for a special friend.


I'm not good with words, but I'm going to try LOL. This book is so simple, but powerful, a story that will never leave you and one we can all identify with. I find it so hopeful and inspiring, a great read when one "is down".

Moon Shim

I have enjoyed this book ever since I discovered it more than a dozen years ago, and hardly a year goes by when I do not read it again. On one level, it is a love story--about two caterpillars, Stripe and Yellow--and for a long time I viewed my life through its lens as a quest for my Yellow. On a deeper level, however, the book is (as its cover says) "a tale--partly about life partly about revolution and lots about hope." Lately I have grown more attuned to that deeper message about balance and priorities, a message that resonates with or without Yellow--a message that, if I would just listen to it, may help me find my Yellow, but will surely bless and keep me as I wait.

Brain Melendez

I love this book, it should be required reading for everyone, though it is subversive if you work for large corporations or government agencies. I have left my secure job with benefits to chase my dream too now, so has my husband. it's been amazing and we have no regrets, it's amazing how good life can be and how many doors open when you follow your path to your dreams.


...I could write several pages how this book blessed me. I saw for first time ...realized what bible calls BORN AGAIN ...The transformation of caterpillar to butterfly is perfect visual explanation of what happens to us when we choose to follow Jesus and have relationship with God ! Bible says we become new creation and old version no longer exists. When you choose to get born again you have Jesus in you and you see view life in a new way. You rise above lies fear and everything that stops you from becoming what you were born to be. Truth sets you Free ! No matter what circumstances what you feel think or see Jesus in you makes you overcomer gives you victory !

Michael C Saccardo

Hope For The Flowers Celebrates It's 50th Anniversary with over 3 million copies in print.

50 years ago in March of 1970 Trina was working on a different book about Hope. One day the two caterpillars on the cover seemed to ask for their own story. That day 90% of Hope for the Flowers was written. Hope For The Flowers was published in July 1972 and since then over 3 million copies have been sold in English with over 20 translation across the globe. 

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